Friday, October 7, 2016

The Human Duplicators of Outsider Poetry

Because I am obsessed with the movie The Human Duplicators this early morning and watching it on MST 3000 I will write this blog as I watch. I'd rally like to get off the couch and get myself a final snack. Maybe some sunflower seeds and milk.

News from the Outsider Poetry Slam League of America?


I wanted to comment on something I saw on Thursday Night Football. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms spent the whole game trying to convince the audience that Blaine Gabbert was a viable NFL quarterback and that Colin Kaepernick was lazy, unpopular with his teammates, and too dumb to run the Chip Kelly offense, but as the game progressed and Blaine Gabbert sucked more and more and the crowd kept yelling for Kaepernick I wondered "What offense?" They seemed increasingly panicked that the Black man was actually going to get a chance to play, and something about that made them angry. The racism was very thinly veiled.

I now hope Colin Kaepernick does get another chance to start for the 49ers. I remember his initial Super Bowl run. I had been waiting for him to become the starter on my fantasy football team, and when he did, and they were all saying the way he was playing the position might revolutionize the game, I thought I had a quarterback for another decade in this keeper league. But by the next year he was barely worth playing, and then lost his job.

None of this has anything to do with Outsider Poetry, the Rockford Pages, or The Human Duplicators. Of course Hugh Beaumont plays the sensible scientist in this movie. What else would he play, an outlaw poet?

This picture of Hugh Beaumont is not from the Human Duplicators, and he is not portraying a Beatnik poet

I suppose there's a plot to duplicate humans into a zombie army to take over Earth in this movie, but a half hour in I don't see it. The guy from Moonraker is in it. And Ward Cleaver. One more blog after this. The Outsider Poets of Padukah which reminds me of this blog I wrote about poet Tom T Hall and the song he wrote that contains the lines "It rained in every town except Padukah/Then one day it rained in Padukah, too."

I guess I'll go forage for that snack. I wrote a nice long blog about Dungeons and Dragons earlier tonight, and ordered a Dungeon Master's Screen. And the module The Secret of Bone Hill. 

Oh well, Leave It To Beaver.

No, I should probably write a few more words to avoid thin content. Stupid content, allowable, thin content not. Did I say about my dental work almost being over and hoping next year I can do some cosmetic things with my teeth? I can't believe someone is going to pay triple digits for this dumbass movie, or at least for the box. 

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