Sunday, May 7, 2017

The History of Co-Opting Outsider Literary Presses

In the past evil-doers at least had the common sense and courtesy to co-opt those who opposed them. It was a much easier, and the end cost effective way of neutralizing opposition than killing them or choosing to combat them infinitely. Just buy them. Make them part of the machine.

It was done quite frequently in America in the past in the news and publishing industry. If a group of insurgents was chapping your ass with their criticism, simply send them a check and they'll go away happy to smoke dope and bang on their bongos.

But the tactic went away in the 1980's. A new, arrogant nouveau reiche moved in and took over, and they didn't believe in the old ways. In fact, they didn't believe in anything but their own principles, which they took to have been given to them from god itself. Who compromises when god is involved?

In America, money is the truth, and they had the money, so whatever they spewed was de facto considered the truth to anyone who wished to follow in their path. And their god was pretty chill about allowing them to adopt a relaxed interpretation of the rules he set up for them. Unless it was other people breaking them. Then there was no lenience. 

For the first time all month I'm not selling anything here, so it feels good just to talk about Zombie Logic Press  

Fascism was defeated in the French elections today. Unfortunately we were not so lucky in America last November. The acension of the new faux Conservatives from religious kooks to full power has been fully realized. So much so that they have now declared their churches, and corporations (same thing) to be holy institutions with all the powers and privileges of human beings. They are not to be questioned, not to be taxed, and not to be asked to adhere to any rules whatsoever involving responsibility to their workers, customers, or the environment.

Their god has but one commandment: thous shalt turn a profit.

They have no need to co-opt the press because their adherents are so thoroughly under their spell they cannot be awoken to even present them with facts. 

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